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Top 5 Party Planning Tips

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Party season is here and we have our top five tips to plan your best party! From bachelor party, to wedding, to just a fun girls night everything from your outfit to your guest list is important!

  1. The outfit is as important as the décor! Choose a dress that not only flows with your color scheme but is also makes you feel comfortable. Wear dress #SR160713 or #MZ2909 for an easy spring / summer look! Tip: the same goes for shoes, so it’s best to stick to a simple pair you will be able to walk around in all night!


  1. Organization is key! There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to planning a party, from the food and drinks, to the theme and decorations. Stay organized and make a list of each task so you’re better able to plan stress-free. Try this awesome checklist you can download and create a binder (virtual or printed) of all our party planning info. 




  1. Delegate and divide tasks. Pro-planners over at Cupcakes and Cashmere say that you don’t have to do everything yourself and we agree! Once you’ve created a plan, divide up the tasks so you aren’t too overwhelmed. Whether you have a co-host or a friend to help this is a great way to not only have help, but also get ideas when it comes to décor!




  1. Don’t get overwhelmed with details! Professional party planners recommend sticking to “1-2 high impact details and 2-3 tiny details.” They describe the high impact details as ones that catch your guests’ attention as soon as they walk in, such bold floral arrangements, and stunning backdrops. It’s easy to find yourself getting stuck in the vortex of Pinterest but focusing on a few key details and a couple smaller (such as candles) to tie it all together is best


  1. Think Instagrammable. In a social media driven society, whether someone is attending a concert, a party or just grabbing dinner people love cute aesthetic that pops on Instagram. Choose décor that really stands out, like a fun backdrop that isn’t too busy but is bright and clean in color! If you think about your design as “How will this look on social media” you’re likely to get your party guests more engaged and showing off how much fun they’re having! Tip: check out this article for how to throw an Instagram worthy party.


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