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5 Tips to Planning the Ultimate Summer Wedding

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It’s officially the most popular time of year to say “I do” with sunny skies, love swirls in the air! Here are some of our favorite tips to make your special day stand out among the rest!

Plan for the weather. Pick a venue that offers an indoor-outdoor party area, this way your guests can decide if they prefer air-conditioner or Mother Nature’s temperatures! It also works, as a back up should summer showers hit on your big day. Tip: Also plan your ceremony for after the hottest time of the day, this will not only save your guests but it’s better for wedding photos!  

Hydrate the crowd!
Although alcohol is great for night, don’t forget to provide non-alcoholic options. If your wedding is outdoors consider having ice water with lemon or cucumber to keep your guests cool and refreshed.


One dress, two ways. Dress #TRW24606 is perfect for all seasons, but especially summer! Not only do you get two diverse looks from it, the cape adds a little extra warmth for when it chills down at night and the fabric offers a light-weight feel too.



Care extra for your flowers! When it comes to summer months, the heat and humidity can have an impact on your blooms, especially ones not in water such as boutonnieres. Order a back up boutonnieres, although an extra charge, you’ll be able to switch it out when the petals start to wilt.

Wedding favors. Keep in mind your gifts with the season for guests. Of course everyone loves little candies, candles etc. but a gift pack with monogramed sunscreen or fans on their chairs are a nice touch guests can use during your festivities.

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