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Custom Orders

More often than not, the Bicici & Coty dress of your dreams may be custom ordered.

Every Bicici & Coty gown is custom made,
and it can take 4 to 5 months for a dress to
be finished and shipped to a customer.


Here’s how to custom order a dress:

  1. Find a Bicici & Coty authorized retailer nearest you with our store locator.
  2. Tell them the Item number or SKU number of the dress you find on the Bicici & Coty website.
  3. Pay the required deposit (if any), which will be different for each retailer based on their unique policies.
  4. The dress will be shipped to the Bicici & Coty retailer where you placed the order.


Special considerations for custom orders

    • Bicici & Coty cannot ship the custom order directly to your home, office or other third party. We can only ship to the Bicici & Coty retailer where the order was placed.
    • There may be additional charges on a custom order.
    • Rush orders cannot be accepted or guaranteed. It generally takes 4 to 5 months for a custom ordered dress to be made and shipped.
    • Any cancellations must be managed through the retailer where the custom order was placed, in adherence of the retailer’s cancellation, returns and exchanges policy.
    • Bicici & Coty does not own any retail stores so cannot accept any cancellations or refund deposits or other payments applied to a custom order. The retailer where the gown was ordered may have a different policy in place regarding custom order cancellations. You are urged to ask about this policy before placing a custom order or paying a deposit on it.
    • If your nearest retailer can’t or won’t accept a custom order, we recommend you find another Bicici & Coty retailer near you who will accept the custom order. Unfortunately, Bicici & Coty cannot accept custom orders directly from consumers at this time.


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