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How To Find “The One”

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Know Your Body

  • Before dress shopping, determine your body type. While we’re all unique and have a special shape, there are 6 main body types that most people fit into
  • Knowing your body shape can help you chose a silhouette that makes you look (and feel) stunning

Check out this blog post to figure out which body shape is yours and which silhouette pairs best

  • Stay focused on silhouette and your specific body type when shopping instead of finding a perfect fit right away. You will always need to tailor your dress for a perfect fit
  • Play up your best features! No matter what your body type, know what you love about your body and work it




Learn What Makes You Feel Best 

  • What necklines, shapes and fabrics feel best on your body? For example, if halter-tops make you uncomfortable after you wear them for a few hours, keep this in mind when shopping. It’s easy to forget these little details when surrounded by so many beautiful gowns
  • The same concept applies to fabrics too! Whether you feel sexy in lace or chic in chiffon, refine your search to that type of material
  • What makes you feel confident? It’s good to step outside your comfort zone with something new, but you also want to feel like your best self on your special day or night. If you know you feel best in embellishments, automatically refine your search to more detailed gowns

Tip: Before shopping, spend some time making a list of “loves” and to make you more aware when searching






Get Inspired

  • Create Pinterest boards for Inspiration. Include everything from accessories and themes, to makeup and runway looks
  • Don’t limit yourself to just Pinterest; read magazines and blogs, spend time on Instagram, etc. The more you know about what you like and need, the easier it is to know when you find “the one”







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