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Tis The Season To Get Inspired

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Exploring the world is an amazing thing! From the bold hues in Antelope Canyon to a family wedding in Japan, you can find inspiration for your big day or next formal event anywhere.


Inspired By Culture

  • The experience of other cultures when traveling takes you outside of your own thoughts and helps inspire your special look
  • Take special notice what colors, textures and scenery catch your eye. This photo from a Traditional Japanese Wedding we attended at the Meiji Shrine in Tokyo, Japan gives off an energy of sophistication with a bit of boldness like in dress #CC51154
  • Travel tip: This video from travel and leisure shows how to pack a light-weight gown, in an airtight bag that can easily fit in your carry-on bag



Inspired by Architecture

  • We recently took a trip to Southeast Asia where we visited the beautiful Shwedagon Pagoda It’s covered in solid gold bars creating an unbelievable glow. The structure also has diamonds, rubies, sapphires and other shimmering gems detailed within the architecture…the gown perfect inspiration
  • Stand out like the Shwedgon in a Ball Gown dress created with billowing gold fabric and a crystal bodice that will whisk you away in wanderlust
  • Traveling with a Ball Gown can be a little tricky due to the size. Get a garment bag that has a wide enough bottom to fit the full skirt of your dress


Inspired by Nature

  • From your front porch to across the ocean, nature is one of the best forms of inspiration to get your creativity flowing
  • These hues in Antelope Canyon beyond breathtaking and just the right mix to get you in the fall mood. Wear dress #AN6118, that resembles the deep shade and intricate structure of the canyon
  • Finish the look with some orange or neutral colored flowers, either as a bouquet, corsage or one adored in your hair to tie in all the shades and create that same dreamy feeling


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