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Floral Feels

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Flower arrangements are an easy way to bring your event to life! From centerpieces, and bouquets, the pairings are seemingly endless. Whether you plan to DIY or hire a florist, here are a few of our favorite tips to creating the best floral arrangements:



Fresh Water Florals

Our very own Cristina Shin has a talent not only for curating our beautiful Bicici & Coty dresses, but also she has an amazing eye for florals.

 “Prepping the flowers is key to making them last longer”

  • When you cut the stem, make sure it goes no more than 10 seconds without water, because the pores close up after 10 seconds of being freshly cut and the flower no longer receives water
  • Whenever the stem is taken away from water, make sure to recut the stem again before putting it back in water
  • For fresh cut flowers, change the water or re-water every 3 days. This is essential because the change in water keeps the flowers fresher longer
  • If possible, keep flowers in cool place where there is a lot of light. Indirect light is best

Find more of Cristina’s gorgeous arrangements by searching #flowersbycristina on Instagram!




Bicici & Coty Bridal #flowersbycristina

Know The Season 

Everyone has their own aesthetic for the type of arrangement they like but it’s important to know which flowers are in season as a starting point. Here are some of our top seasonal favorites!

  • Fall: Sunflowers, Freesia, Gerbera, Lilium Stargazer, Magnolia, Zinnia
  • Winter: Roses, Orchids, Hydrangeas, Holly Greens, Amaryllis and Gardenias
  • Spring: Peony, Lilacs, Calla Lily, and Tulips
  • Summer: Hydrangea, Spider Mum, Water Lily, Roses, and Dahlias








Picking A Florist

When choosing a florist, you want to make sure you select the one who can best bring your floral vision to life.

  • Bring a notebook to each appointment and make note of the types of arrangements on display and any thoughts / questions you have
  • Take pictures of the “sample” arrangement the florist creates
  • Give them every detail possible about how you want the wedding to look. Bring mood boards, with the color schemes, an image of your dress (if you have it) and bridesmaids dresses etc.
  • Talk pricing, make sure you’re aware of any hidden fees or labor charges




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