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Holiday Sparkle

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When it comes to the Holidays there’s no such thing as too much sparkle. You’ll find a series of different embellishments this season, which includes sequins, crystals, beading and embroidery. Here’s how each are different:

Sequins: This particular embellishment is created from small, colorful plastic discs with holes in the middle. These are attached to the gown by thread using an embroidery machine or by hand. Sequins come in a variety of colors and sizes to give a dazzling finish.

ZZ81650_C_CCrystals (Rhinestones):  Rhinestones are crystals that are small pieces of glass created in a mold. They provide a three-dimensional effect that shows maximum sparkle and shine, by reflecting light with more intensity than most sequins.

Embroidery: Defined as “decorative needlework”, embroidery can be shown as intricate knitting or even lace. Embroidery may also feature rhinestones and other embellishments, as seen on Bicici & Coty gown ZZ81650.

Beading: The traditional definition of beading isdecoration or ornamental molding resembling a string of beads or of a semicircular cross section”. Beading can be paired with any other types of embellishments for extra shine and unique design.



Whether your sparkle style is sequins, crystals, embroidery or beading, here are a few tips to bring on the glamour and get your holiday shine on:

  • fur jacketThink about your figure: Pear Shaped? Hourglass? Triangle? When shopping for your gown, remember that light reflects off these little details. Use the embellishments to your advantage by letting them accentuate your fab. figure. (Check out our fit guide to find your unique shape)
  • Wear faux-leather or faux-fur jacket to balance a highly embellished gown, up the chic factor and keep you warm all night.
  • When channeling your inner glam goddess, keep accessories to a minimum. Sequined gowns demand attention, by sticking to minimalistic accessories; all eyes will be on you and your gorgeous gown.
  • DIY glitter shoes add a slight sparkle factor and a personalized touch to your heels. Tip: If your dress is heavily embellished, keep the glitter on the heel or sole of your shoes, like in this this tutorial from Yes Missy.diyglittertouchheels-400x400





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