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Under The Dress

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A dress is only as good as what’s underneath! Undergarments are a fundamental of evening and bridal attire that often gets overlooked. There are four different types of undergarments to know about when shopping:

  • bras
  • underwear
  • shape-wear
  • slips


Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 2.46.46 PMBefore you buy a bra, take a good look at how the dress silhouette fits your body and the overall structure of the gown itself. Keep in mind that bras are meant to offer support and shape.

For a dress with a classic or strapless neckline, there are many different types including the bustier style, which can offer more support than a simple strapless bra. The bustier style is great for extra smoothing, however, the hem does come to your mid section. Keep in mind that it isn’t going to stretch or bunch as the day progresses on.

With a backless dress like FR15035, opt for an adhesive silicone cup, which will give you the most natural feeling and coverage.

Pro tip: when applying swipe clean skin with rubbing alcohol before applying the adhesive to remove excess oil.


Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 4.12.14 PMUnderwear

VPL (visible panty line) doesn’t complete any look, so be sure to select the proper pan ties for under your dress. The deciding factor is the dress silhouette, fabric color, fabric thickness and how to best accentuate your fab figure!

For gowns with minimal material, try a seamless thong. If you’re looking to add a little extra shape to your back-side under your dress, wear body-suit style that offers a bit of padding to accentuate your Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 4.31.39 PMbooty!

A-line style dresses are free flowing in their silhouettes and have much more forgiveness and options for undergarments. We recommend going for a simple lace thong, for breathability, comfort and cuteness.



For a satin, or tight fitting gown, you want shape-wear that is lightweight and invisible. When your dress is white, or light, only wear a color that closely matches your skin tone, anything different will show through.



These little pieces are not just for your grandma! Slips can be worn with classic underwear or shape-wear. They are great for a number of reasons, including keeping your dress from getting stuck between your legs and provide added smoothing under your gown! They also add any extra coverage for concealing the color/outline of your skivvies. Bonus: Because of their lightweight material, they make you look slimmer by preventing your clothes from bunching up, unlike shape-wear that works more to provide support.


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