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Fabulous Hair Styling Tips for Women With Little to No Hair

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Finding the right hair style for your next big event is always an adventure. Up-do? With a twist? Long and straight? The possibilities are endless, which can create a challenge in deciding which is right for you. When you’re in cancer treatment, and you’re living with very thin or no hair, it may feel like there aren’t any options, but oh there are…


We love the wig, turban, and other hair accessory options shared by Look Good Feel Better, a nonprofit devoted to “improving the self-esteem and quality of life of people undergoing treatment for cancer” and committed to providing beauty tips for empowerment and confidence.


These solutions, inspired by the Look Good Feel Better, can fit your particular aesthetic, whether it be guidance on wig selection, steps on how to wrap a turban, or hair extensions for thickening your locks, and always the support of an understanding community.


1. Scarves, Hats, and Turbans

Experiment with new head accessories–scarves and hats! They open up a whole new dimension of styling. A favorite is a glamorous turban, or as the renowned Frédéric Fekkai says, a very Jackie O. scarf and big sunglasses. Find scarf-wrapping techniques at Look Good Feel Better’s New Hair Looks.




We aren’t talking about your grandma’s wig. They’ve advanced quite a bit in comfort and style, and there are a ton of options out there. A wig shop can help you decide what is right for your budget and daily routine, but you can also alter a wig at home to match your personality. Try one that matches your natural hair color, but don’t be afraid to try on some new colors and change it up either wildly or subtly. Pastel and candy colors are very in for hair this year, so maybe a fun, flirty and fabulous pink-dyed wig is exactly what you need for your big night out!




3. Hair pieces and extensions

Hair pieces are a great secret weapon. They can take thinning hair and completely transform your look, with boosted volume. Again, synthetic and real options are on the market, and you’ll want a professional to fit you with your extensions. But clipping in these babies is a quick way to up the glam of your hairstyle. Try adding bangs or fluffing up a ponytail with the hair pieces or increasing length with extensions.




4. Work that natural look!

Some women undergoing hair loss are comfortable without covering or looking for replacement hair options. In this case, there are many fun accessories and makeup options that will play up your eyes and outfit. Look for fun earrings and necklaces in jewel tones. Some on point eye shadow and the way your dress flares when you spin is sometimes enough to help you take on a room. Put together your favorite outfit and wear your story in a completely singular way.


The resources and options are out there, so have fun with it! How you feel like approaching your hair styling will always be the best choice for you. Take your story and your needs and let that guide your style choices–there is strength in choosing how to style and accessorize while battling cancer, and Look Good Feel Better is a great resource for finding the hair-ware options that help you live your best life.


For more information about Look Good Feel Better, click here.


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